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e-commerce web site We Provide E-Commerce Website Solutions. Simply add your Products and Start Selling Online. Add Unlimited Categories, Products, SEO Optimized, Sales Reports, Order Management, Multiple Payment Options & Shipping Options.
Basic Feature Additional Feature Shipping/Payment Methods
• Unlimited Categories
• Unlimited Products
• Unlimited Manufacturers
• Multi-Currency
• Multiple Tax Rates
• Product Reviews
• Product Ratings
• Downloadable Products
• Related Products
• Shipping Weight Calculation
• Unlimited Information Pages
• Search Engine Optimized (SEO)
• Discount Coupon System
• Backup & Restore Tools
• Printable Invoices
• Sales Reports
• Bestsellers
• Cart
• Category
• Featured
• Manufactures
• Latest
• Specials
• Information
• Flat Rate Shipping
• Free Shipping
• Per Item Shipping
• Weight Based Shipping
Payment Gateway
• Credit Cards / Debit Cards / Net Banking
• Cash On Delivery
• Online Bank Transfer
• Cheque / Money Order
• Paypal
• Moneybookers

JOB Portal Are you looking to start your own Consultancy or Recruitment firm than you need a job portal through which you can have lots of functionalities to run your business smoothly without having manual work. Job Portals provide a platform for the employers to meet the prospective employees and provide jobs as per qualifications and experience
Special features for Employers: Special Features for Job seekers: Our job portal script mainly consists of: Admin area:
• Provide space for job seekers to upload their profile,
• edit their profile and can view the entire job openings.
• Provide space to Employer’s where they can post their vacant job ads,
• Manage companies profile and search the relevant database from jobseekers resume.
• Online facilities of filling registrations forms
• Free Resume Posting
• Online Resume Editing
• Search for Job lists and apply the desired jobs
• Upload / Attach Image in the resume
• Jobs Bookmarking
• Employers characteristics
• Online Job posting at the portal
• Online Job Editing
• Search for Job seekers and resumes
• Profile management
• Payment Plans
• Upload / Attach Image to their profile
• Boolean Search
• Advance Search as per various category.
• By choosing jobs category options form the list, job seeker submit a cover letter, and then this cover letter along with his CV is send to the employer of relevant company through mail
• Acknowledgment mail is also send to job seekers
• Content Management System
• Job Seeker Management
• Employer Management
• Category management
• Role Management
• Site management
• Package Management
• FAQ’s management
• Job seeker and Employer Statistic
• Super-admin has privilege to activate or deactivate job seekers and employers.

Real Estate Portal
Features & Functionalities of our Real Estate Portal
VisionSoft Plus offers a premium range of Real Estate website and portal development services to its clients to simplify the online functioning of real estate businesses.
Utilities for administrators
• Real estate application setup
• Add, edit, delete or modify categories
• Agency profile creation and management
• Property listing management
• Languages management
• Site sections management
• Automated document management
• Site modes
• Billing settings
• Members Management
Utilities for Estate agents
• Agent / Owner ratings system
• built-in messaging system
• Password reminder for agent accounts
• Edit /update/delete user profile
Broker user features:
• Multiple user login creation
• Manage agent’s profile
• Add, edit or delete Categories
• View listings posted by the agents
• Track listings per agent
Advanced Real Estate Portal Development Services
• Marketing Tools
• Listing Database
• Lead Generation tools
• Ability to manage multiple users
• User management
• Advanced SEO Tools
• Loan Calculator
• Content Management Tools
• Presentation Tools
• Multi-user management tools
• Property listings with link to details page
• Bulk advertisement account management
Tools & Platforms of Real estate Portal Development
Our very talented pool of Portal Developers is extremely proficient in architecture design, DB planning, GUI design, programming, integration as well as testing. We have specialized experience in working with the following tools and platforms:
PHP, MySQL , LAMP, JavaScript, CSS, Ajax and DHTML etc.
Service Benefits offered with our Real Estate Portal
• To search a property on the basis of location, size, budget, etc.
• Facility of advertising in real estate
• Easy way to sign up for the agents as well as brokers
• Ability to put up and display numerous images of the properties
• Powerful and professional brand development services
Online Classifieds
General Features
• PHP/MySQL driven classified ads
• Multiple categories for classified ads
• Users can place ads with photos
• Browsing ads sorted by pages, displaying latest ads first
• Preview photos thumbnails can be created by the site automatically
• A lot of parameters for configuring Classified Ads features
• Admin can specify the time period before ads expire.
• Javascript checking ads submitting form before sending to the server.
• Password protected editing, renewing, deleting of ads by owners so that only original poster can modify or delete an ad
• Privacy Mail, which hides the e-mail addresses (optionally set up by admin.)
• Redirect all privacy mail messages for ads owners to admin, sending copies of privacy mails to admin;
• Layers with ads detailed info can be displayed when a user places mouse over add title on the ads index page. Admin. can specify which ads fields will be displayed on ads layers.
• Ability for admin. to modify or delete any ad via Web interface.
• Admin can get e-mails list of ad owners of each category for using it in e-mail list programs.
• Admin. can create as many ads categories as it is needed. For each category the set of ad fields (such as price, city, age, area, etc.) can be specified in different formats such as "text", "textarea", "select", "checkbox". For each ad field the search criteria - search for ads with keywords in the field or search for ads with field value in some numerical range ( for example, price field ) can be specified
• Admin. can set the maximum size of the ad fields, max length of words in the fields, max. size and max. numbers of photos and media file in the ads
Search Features
• Powerful database searching capabilities that allow user to search for ads by keywords in the ad fields or by numerical range within fields such as age, price, size, etc.
• Optionally, if the same user (it means the same contact e-mail) sent more than one ad, on the second ad details page new link "Search all ads posted by this user" appears; By clicking on this link you can see all ads posted by the same user (with the same contact e-mail)
Ads Moderating
• Optional moderating of ad submissions by administrator: the administrator has the ability to look through the ads from a special form, analyze and edit ad information and make a decision about submitting the ads to the index or deleting the ads from that form. It can be done before the ads appear in the index. In this case all edit changes made by ad owners also appear in the index after approval by admin.
• Admin can make some ads invisible for some period.

LAN/Online Exam Software.
We create portals for online mocktest / online scorer test for students.
ONLINE MOCKTEST : it is a test which can be attempted by students with user ID & Password ( under clock monitoring). After completing the test their results will appears on their screen.
It can be free or paid. Free test has a limited number of questions.
• You can see all the information filled by students when they enrol either for free test or for paid test
• Automatically activation for free sample mocktest after confirming the E-mail address
• Provision of manually activation/deactivation
• Provisition of uploading the file for Online Scorer test. File can be in .doc, .pdf, .jpeg, bitmap etc. in any size.
• Provision for adding/deletion/edition of scorer tests, students and number of attempt
• Provision of sending mail
• Provision for choosing marks for each question topic wise/sectionwise
• Provision of importing questions to database from word file
• Provision for format the text, add graphics, formulas
• set up a style for tests
• create a bank of questions topicwise/testwise
• provision of creating a single test from different topics
• PROVISION OF PAYMENT Reciaval option with paypal/2checkout.com so that if you student want to enrol for paid test they can pay the fees and after successful transaction they will receive user id & password for concerning test. But we can also activate or deactivate enrolled student manually also. you CAN ALSO ADD STUDENT MANUALY FOR PAID TEST.
• Provision of setting time for Each tests, ( i.e. for one question when student is attemting it the clocktimer should tickle decendingly, correspondingly whatever time has been defined in the admin area.)
• Provision of adding advertisement/news text scrooling/image. Which shows on the user pages when they are attemting test
• Provision of adding PAID TEST, FREE TEST Which will visible on user registration form.
• automatically send out testing results to any group of users by email (there should be different features for adjusting custom email templates);
• a user instruction/ introductory page testwise before start of the test
• question search options testwise or from Bank
• provision of defing the grading scale
• provision of creating the password manually to access the test
• provision of assign test to a certain group of users
• provsion of free test but in this case we require User Registration form WITH NAME, E-Mail, User ID, Password, city, mobile/contact number, select test option for which they want to attempt the test
• provision of create administrators, instructors, operators (for entering questions), regular users, and guests, and set their permissions accordingly
• Username/password assign utilty to assign other teachers for entering the questions topicwise/testwise.
• Only admin can edit/delete the test( free/paid)
• Questions for any test will randomly pickup on user front
• Provision to see the list of enrolled students testwise, citywise, yearwise, countrywise
• Change password utility
• Provision of multiple choice questions, discription questions etc.
• Provision for controlling the number of test attempt for a candidate with number of days.
ONE CLICK download Utility for downloading database from admin panel
• We/students can see the result of students i.e. no. of right answers/wrong answers/percentage
• At result page ENROLLMENT OPTION required for PAID mocktest/PAID Scorer test
• Provision of send E-Mail from admin panel to registered students either for free mocktest of for paid tests.
Provision of Image/text advertisement required in E-mail sending system.
• Provision of subscription/unsubscription
• Provision for adding/editing/deletion different e-mail matters for different group
many more.

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